10 May 2012

Just can't get enough!

It's girls' instinct that never gonna get enough of clothes, bags, and shoes! And it's really a big trouble that I never get enough of money to get enough of clothings that never gonna be enough for me wtf! Okay let's end this inside fight of my own. Went to KL last week and got all these below to make my wardrobe a fatter fat-ass! Mad love with vintage, lace and floral apparels!


Happy is just a beginning.

I'M BACK! I know right, it's been a super long while! I've been through lotsa shit in Miri which I truly don't ever wanna recall again. I need a new start! Deleted all my previous posts just to kinda symbolise that 'old gone, new comes'. Btw I'm already graduated from RIT and moved back to my hometown. Passed all the eight UK exams without failing once! Thought I'd never gonna pass one in the first place. Moral of the story is to have faith in yourself, never say never! Btw I made some good friends by the last few months in my college. Coincidently, we're all spicy lovers! It feels really great to be with them, doing revision together, eating together, gossiping and laughing together. I've been cheated by so-called friends too many times that I built the wall up so high to protect myself from getting hurt again, thought friendship was dead but they changed my mind. : ) I learned so much from this long ass year in Miri, I made mistakes and I repented, and the most important thing is, I got to know who's caring and loving me the most - hubby boy and family. No matter what shit happened to me, they help me out; no matter what shit I did, they tolerate me. Love them and thank god for everything!